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Add to your page Live Cam pictures

You can find many Live Cam Sites on the WWW. You can add any off them to your page, juste find one you like.

How to do ...
Go to LiveCam Sites, and when you find the image you want to show on your site, grab (save) the page, images, logo and URL of the site. Then get Info (Properties on PC) of the image, where you will find the URL of it (PC user, if no URL on Properties, find the URL in the code of the page). Then insert:

<a href="http:// URL of Site">
<img src="Logo of Site" border="0"></a>
<br><img src="URL of Image" border="1">
<br>Your Image Name or Text</center>

Replace the red text with the informations that you grab (save)

Don't forget to add a link to the original site and ©


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