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How to do ...
- register your site with HotBot or AltaVista or Infoseek
- save this page and the pictures
- replace "" with "your registered URL"
- copy from "start here" to "end here" and insert the code in your page
- now when you search, you get a search result from your site

Hosted Search ...
Hosted site search and reporting solutions for your Web site
- Quick and easy sign-up and implementation
- No software, hardware or maintenance required
- Detailed activity reports indicating what your visitors are searching for

Why Search Enable Your Site?
- Improves site navigation and usability
- Improves customer retention and repeat visitors
- Collects important data on who is visiting your site and why
- Improves Web-based marketing



- register your site on SearchButton or SerachHound or Atomz or FreeFind or CurryGuide or whatUseek or PicoSearch.

Professional Search Engine for your Site for Free
How it works
  • You need to know on what type of server your site is placed:
    Solaris SPARC, Linux Intel, SGI Irix 5/6, Unixware, Solaris x86, DEC Alpha Unix 4, SGI Irix 4, AT&T SVR4 386, SunOs 4, BSDI*, HP UX 10*, IBM AIX 4.2*, Windows NT x86, SCO 5.0...
  • then install an application on the server (see documentations provided by EWS or Webinator below)
  • these two engines are the fastest search machines for your site
Webinator by

Search your site Link's

Digiweb FreeCenter
FreeSearch Search your entire site with this fast search engine.


whatUseek intraSearch
whatUseek intraSearch is a valuable tool that will give your web site its own search engine, enabling visitors to your site to search and navigate your site with precision and ease.

PinPoint - Site Search Tool
PinPoint a search engine for YOUR site! Follow few simple instructions and in no time your visitors will be surfing your brand new search engine! Search Engine
add a free search engine to your site in minutes, with complete control over look and feel. Great for hosted sites, no software to install.

FREE Search Engine: 3456 ways to search the web
FREE Meta Search Engine: Search the web or any country. FAST, fully customizable. cgi perl search script free cgi perl search script free cgi perl search script.

Infoseek Software Home Page
Infoseek Software's home page. Find out the best way to add search to your intranet or public Web site.

A Search Engine for Your Web Site or Intranet
The easiest way to add search to your Intranet or web site.

SWISH-Enhanced - Digital Library SunSITE
SWISH-Enhanced is a fast, powerful, flexible, and easy to use system for indexing collections of Web pages or other text files.

Webglimpse - Search Engine Software
Webglimpse, a fast, flexible search engine for indexing categories of information across the web.

Creating a SWISH search page
How to create a Keyword Search Page. Windows 95/98 Search Authoring Tools

Search services at Australia's Cultural Network
Australia's Cultural Network provides free cultural search engines to websites listed and indexed in their Cultural website finder. More than 1000 websites are included. The free cultural search engine enables searches on 400,000 screens of Australian...

site Search: A Search Engine Written in Perl
A Search Engine to search local pages for a web site.

AltaVista HOME Search Engine
add a free search engine to your site in minutes, with complete control over look and feel. Great for hosted sites, no software to install.

Builders Data - Index your site for free
Builders Data will create and maintain a searchabe database of your site for you! Just fill in the following form. The Builders Data Robot will walk the web site you give, and you will be notified by Email when the walk is complete.

The CGI Resource Index: Programs and Scripts: Perl: Searching: Searching Your Web Site

Add a search engine to your site -- Internet tip
Add a search engine to your site, Do you have way too many files for your visitors to browse through?, Searching? Don't forget about CTRL+F, Search and GO!, Find files..., Easy way to submit your web page URL to multiple search engines...

Ecila Offshore, un moteur personnel gratuit dans votre site
Ecila Offshore est un moteur de recherche gratuit pour votre propre site beneficiant de la technologie Ecila.

Your Search Engine - Everyone searches. Why make your visitors leave your site and use the big search engines? Let your visitors search the web on your site with your search engine.

EWS Home
Excite for Web Servers v1.1 for all platforms (EWS).

Free Search Engine --
Free search engine for your web site. lets your visitors search your web site. Add a search engine to your web site today, for free, in less than ten minutes. This is the fastest and easiest way to add professional level searching.

FreeFind - Resources for FreeFind Users


LiveZone - Search your site
This section provides an introduction to creating a search-page for your LiveZone-hosted Web site.

Lycos Free Software
The Lycos Site Spider (powered by Inmagic) is a Web Spidering product that indexes pages on a Web Site and provides a search mechanism to help visitors find those pages quickly and easily.

Index Server Provides Powerful Searching Capabilities...
Microsoft Index Server allows you to perform full-text searches and retrieve all types of information from any Web browser, in just about any format, with just the click of a mouse or button. - Built by You - Partner Program
The PointGuide Partnership provides your site with it's very own Free personal search engine.
Hosted site search and reporting solutions for your Web site by Quick and easy sign-up and implementation. No software, hardware or maintenance required. Detailed activity reports indicating what your visitors are searching for.

SearchHound Search
SiteSearch is a FREE service that will enable you to implement a local search facility on your site. Ever wished that you could have a search facility like those on big websites, but without the hassle of going for expensive or difficult programs to...

SiteMiner | Home Free Search Engine for your web page.

Webinator Web Index System
Webinator is a Web walking and indexing package that will allow a Website administrator to create and provide a high quality retrieval interface to collections of HTML documents.


whatUseek | intraSearch home
whatUseek's IntraSearch is free service allowing webmasters to easily make their web pages searchable. After filling out the application form, their site is indexed, and they are given the code to place on their site.

Web Site Resource: Scripts/Search_Your_Site

X-Recherche vote site
Lorsque le web est devenu imposant les premiers moteurs de recherche sont apparus pour permettre de trouver rapidement l'information. Un moteur de recherche permet de trouver exactement l'information que vous cherchez en quelques secondes.


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