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Add Quote, rate, exchange... to your page

Get on your pages, quote, rates, exchange... from different real time services. Almost all ticker are JavaApplets, you must be aware that they slow down the display of your page, but it is a plus to have. You can also add search quotes, graphs... to your page.

How to do ...
See code source and get the images (needed to do the script), the way to do it is almost always the same, grab the page, images where you see some, search engines, tickers, forms... and the full URL (sometimes missing in the source code), then test it in local mode before uploading the final html file to your site, that's it...


symbol lookup

see code

Apple Intel
Apple Computer
Intel Corp
see code



see code

Some Links to Ticker-Quotes... Sites :
  1. The Sports Fine and Suspension Ticker
  2. Yahoo! Ticker
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  6. Download the Wall Street City Ticker Now!
  7. America online 1
  8. Wall Street Ticker Home Page .... wall street ticker IS YOUR SOURCE FOR WALL STREET'S HOTTEST STOCKS !!!
  9. ATL World Soccer News


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