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Introducing Internet Time
Internet Time, a new global concept of universal time, is an elegant solution from , the Swiss watch manufacturer. The basic unit of measurement? It’s called the Swatch beat. Swatch divides the virtual and real day into 1000 beats; one Swatch beat is the equivalent of 1 minute 26.4 seconds. So high noon in the old time system is the equivalent of 500 Swatch beats.

Confused? No need to be. Swatch provides a handy time converter that helps you get used to the idea of Internet Time. Swatch didn’t just create a new way of measuring time. Swatch also established a new meridian on Jakob-Staempfli Street in Biel, Switzerland, home of the company’s international headquarters. A day in Internet Time begins at midnight Biel Mean Time 000 Swatch beats (Central European Wintertime).

How does it work—how, for example, would someone in San Francisco know when the time is 500 Swatch beats in, say, Adelaide? That’s easy. Internet Time is the same all over the world. Try the Swatch Internet Time converter and see for yourself.
How to do ...
The package contains a graphic file, a java applet and a readme file. The installation of the internet banner is really easy:

1. Copy the .class file and the .gif file in the relevant directory of your home page. Please note: the .class file and the .gif file must be in the same directory in which your html files are.

2. The attached text is the html code fragment which you can integrate in your homepage by a simple copy & paste command.

<table border=0 cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0>
<tr valign=middle>
<APPLET code="InternetTime.class" width=159 height=20></APPLET>

The java applet takes the system time of the website visitor's computer and calculates the internet time automatically.

Please do not change any small or capital letters in the files, especially in the Java Applet. Otherwise unexpected errors might occur. For Internet Explorer Users: The java applet might not run on your local desktop due to the security concept of the Explorer.


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