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Get time and date on your pages, there are two ways, JavaScript or CGI/Perl, see the results :

Live Clock
Proper Date
Date & Time
Date & Time with GMT

How to do ...
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or use the ScriptSearch...

See Links to date and time Sites
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WorldTime Links
  1. CNN - World Time
  2. Time Link's
  3. What time is it?
  4. Java World Clock v. 3.2
  5. Astrology / Astrologie -> Astrodienst Atlas Database
  6. Date and Time Gateway
  7. Earth View (Zone)
  8. Virtual Perpetual Calendars
  9. Today's Calendar and Clock Page
  10. Steffen's links: Pages similiar to mine
  11. SpiritWeb, Spirit-WWW, Spiritual Consciousness on WWW
  12. Steffent Your computer time
  13. Steffent Add a digital clock to your homepage
  14. Steffent Calendar
  15. Steffent Add these counters to your homepage
  16. Steffent Detailed World Clock information
  17. Steffent The World Clock
  18. EDU2 : Level 3
  19. WORLDTIME: interactive atlas, time info, public holidays
  20. WORLDTIME: Geneva


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