JavaScript Error Stopper (Requires NS 3.x, NS 4.x, or IE 4.x)
Credit: Website Abstraction
Description: A script that, when inserted in any document, suppresses all (potential) JavaScript errors from popping up.
Example: Well, its kind of hard to illustrate. Assuming we've inserted the JavaScripts error stopper into our page, and that page also contains a bad script. No JavaScript errors will pop up (suppressed):
//JavaScript error stopper codes here

Although the above alert method is invalid (no closing quotations), no errors will be generated. This script will suppress all potential errors in a page, so be sure to turn it off while test running a script.

Directions: Insert the below in the <head> section of your page, before any other script tags, and as a separate component (Do not insert any additional codes into this <script> tag):
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