time limit on viewing document script
(Required NS 3.x, 4.x, or IE 4.x)

Credit: Website Abstraction

Description: A script that sets a time limit on how long a surfer can spend viewing the document. The time left will be constantly shown at the status bar below. After time has expired (ie: 1 minute and 30 seconds), the browser will automatically navigate to another page, forcing the surfer out.
Example: Look at your status bar after the document has loaded to see how much time remains before you get ejected!

Step 1: Insert the below in the section of your page. Change var limit from 1:30 (1 min and 30 secs) to your own limit. If you want the limit to be less than 1 min (ie, 30 seconds), enter 0:30. Be sure to also change the target URL to be forced to from http://www.wsabstract.com to your own.

Step 2: Add the below to the tag itself, like this:

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