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Domain Name Registration Guidelines

Make sure your selection complies with the following guidelines:
  • Don't enter "www." or "http://www.". Type in only the actual name, a dot (period), and the TLD (Top Level Domain) suffix of your choice, i.e. com, org, net or nu.
  • Type in only a maximum of 26 characters, including the TLD suffix of your choice.
  • The name you choose may contain letters, numbers and hyphens, but no spaces or other punctuation. Do not begin or end the name with a hyphen.
  • Examples of acceptable names include: (this is a 10-character domain name) (this is a 14-character domain name) (this is a hyphenated 15-character domain name)

Please note:
  • The NameCheck utilizes the database controlled by the registrar. This database can be slow at times -- please be patient.
  • They cannot guarantee the name you have selected will still be available at the time of processing.
  • For more information on using Whois, please consult our Whois tutorial.

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examples: (,
Basic Domain Name Rules:
- You may use .COM, .CC, .NET, .ORG, or .TO
- Use only letters, numbers, or dashes ("-").
- Cannot begin or end with a dash
- Cannot have more than 26 characters total.
Country Code 47K
State Province Abbreviations
Domain Name Stuffix

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Domain Name Stuffix
stuffix the mind
.com a commercial internet connection
.edu an educational institution (e.g. a university)
.gov a government agency
.net a supplier of network services
.org a nonprofit organisation or institution
.mil the US armed forces
.xx see country code & State Province Abbreviations
top Whois (help)
Web address, NIC handle, host IP, or lastname, firstname
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Registries with Whois URLs

A 'Domain Name' is a name by which a company or organization is known on the internet. It is the basis of your internet identity. For example, a company called LocalNet Corp. might use as its domain name. With its domain name, LocalNetCorp. could host its web site at and use as its e-mail address.
Domain names must be unique throughout the internet. In other words, there can only be ONE Domain Names are granted on a first-come, first-served basis. Therefore, it is important to register your domain name as soon as possible to ensure that your desired name isn't taken by someone else. A domain name mayinclude a combination of letters, numbers and hyphens.
To find out if your name is available, just enter the desired domain name in the space below and our system will query the InterNIC database. The InterNIC (Network Information Center) is responsible for the assignment and tracking of domain names.
IMPORTANT: Please be sure to end your inquiry with .com for commercial or business names. End with .org when inquiring about a name for a "non-profit" organizations.
Example: - Whois Help
Access to Network Solutions' WHOIS information is provided to assist persons in determining the contents of a domain name registration record in NSI's registrar database. The data in this record is provided by NSI for informational purposes only, and NSI does not guarantee its accuracy. Compilation, repackaging, dissemination, or other use of the WHOIS database in its entirety, or of a substantial portion thereof, is not allowed without NSI's prior written permission. By submitting this query, you agree to abide by this policy. All rights reserved.
To use Whois, simply type in your search string ( or smith, john). Please note that requests like "" will not yield a correct answer; Whois can query only for second-level domain names.
The default action for Whois, unless directed otherwise with a keyword (e.g. "domain root"), is to do a very broad search, looking for matches in many fields: handle, name, or hostname and finding all record types.
Whois then shows the results in one of two ways: as a full, detailed display for a single match (with possible subdisplay), or as one- or two-line summaries for multiple matches.
The Network Solutions Registration Services database contains ONLY non-military and non-US Government domains and contacts. Other associated whois servers:

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