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HTML Tutorial and Image Resources

Chapter 19: Resources

HTML Tutorials

The following sites provide online HTML tutorials, teaching you basic to advanced HTML:

NCSA -- A Beginner's Guide to HTML http://www.ncsa.uiuc.edu/General/Internet/WWW/HTMLPrimerAll.html
Introduction to HTML http://www.utoronto.ca/webdocs/HTMLdocs/NewHTML/htmlindex.html
HTML Developer's JumpStation http://oneworld.wa.com/htmldev/devpage/dev-page1.html
DJ Quad's Ultimate HTML Site http://www.quadzilla.com/
The WDVL: Creating Web Sites http://www.stars.com/Tutorial/
UT Austin: Learning HTML http://www.utexas.edu/learn/pub/html.html

Yahoo has several links to HTML tutorials...

HTML Reference Guides

The following sites provide references to all the HTML tags, and browser-specific extensions to HTML:

DJ Quad's Ultimate HTML Site http://www.quadzilla.com/
HTML Quick Reference http://kuhttp.cc.ukans.edu/lynx_help/HTML_quick.html
Sizzling HTML Jalfrezi http://www.woodhill.co.uk/html/html.htm

Yahoo has several links to HTML Reference Guides:

Image resources

The following sites provide images which can be downloaded and used on your web page, i.e. backgrounds, bullets, lines, icons, buttons, etc.

Gallery of Graphics http://www.ourdomain.com/gallery/index.html
The Clipart Warehouse http://www.fxmm.co.uk/clipart/index.htm
The Design Shoppe http://www.softworldnet.com/theshop/theshop.html
Graphics Land http://searchwhere.simplenet.com/graphics/
Ender's Realm Graphics http://www.ender-design.com/rg/
Backgrounds, Textures and Clipart Wonderland http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Heights/1272/index.html

Yahoo has several links to Image Resources:

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